It’s Just A Photo. It’s Just A Photo. It’s Just A Photo…

These days, just about everyone needs a headshot or a professional profile image for their web site or social media accounts.  Everyone wants a good photo of themselves but no one really likes to have their photo taken.

Why is that?

I am not photogenic.

It feels weird.

I’m uncomfortable.

It’s too expensive..

I’m busy.

I need to lose a few pounds first…

All of those things may or may not be true but you still need a good photo of yourself which conveys who you are and what you do.  If you are using a phone selfie for your profile photo, that conveys something about you too — see the paragraph above!

So, it’s time to get a professional photo of yourself no matter who you are or what you do!  Find a photographer whose style and body of work suits your style and budget and make an appointment.  Then….

Prepare Your Photographer.

Long before you sit in front of my camera, I am planning your shoot, how to best light and pose you to get the image you want, so I need to know what do you want your image to convey about you?  Are you a psychologist and want to convey warmth and openness? A realtor who is a deal closer?  An artist who is creative?  If you don’t know what you want, and a lot of people don’t, start a Pinterest board of head shots you like.

Prepare Yourself.

1)  Say this to yourself over and over until you believe it:  It’s just a photo. It’s just a photo.  It’s just a photo….

2) This is the most important tip, so read it twice.  Adjust your attitude. Days ahead of the shoot, start thinking about how much fun you are going to have being “the focus”.  Pun intended.  Don’t dread it because that will make you look “dread-full” and no one wants that! Look forward to the experience as fun rather than a chore. It’s not a medical procedure! It’s just a photo, it’s just a photo, it’s just a photo…

3) Get your hair done. If it is time for a cut and/or color, get that done, but now is not the time for a radical new look.  You want to look like you!

4) Wear something that you love and are comfortable wearing.  Collars are a magical thing – they make everyone look better.  Avoid neon colored shirts as they can cast color under the chin and no one wants a neon green glowing chin.  Solid colors are best.

5)  Once you are in front of the camera, try not to focus on yourself and your discomfort – which is odd in a way since this is about YOU!  Try to have fun doing something out of the ordinary.  Relax and remember that no one really gets shot at a photo shoot! This is not life and death,… it’s just a photo!